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hey hey hey! my name is eva, call me bon if you like. occasional artist, occasional writer, knitter, Whovian, Sherlock fan, cartoon enthusiast as well as a toddling hitRECorder and lover of all things random, cute and strange i'm a filipina, currently living in Canada, although i long to live in Iceland. i draw lots and lots, and i write (also lots and lots). I am in love with Benedict Cumberbatch, Karen Gillan, Tom Hiddleston, Ellen Page and, a shitload of other actors I reblog. feel free to ask me anything :)

    smooshless replied to your post: smooshless replied to your post: i go into the…

    I always figured that it would happen at some point and I had an inkling that this would be the reason. I just want it to pass quickly with as little damage as possible really.

    i get how some people are telling ashley and mk how they can’t “police” the fandom and that a thing released into the internet is open for interpretation. but the post, the root of all this wank, no matter how jokey its intentions were, implies how writers like Rachel Kiley just do stuff to cater to fandom and if i was in Rachel’s situation i’d actually be offended because it undermines my efforts into telling a good story, and my integrity as a writer. So i think that’s why ashley and mk were defensive about it, rachel is their friend and, more importantly, it disregards the fact that the writers really do put a lot of effort into storytelling and how every little detail is important to the plot. i do understand that the person who unintentionally posted that post meant it as a lighthearted little post, and i do understand why ashley and mk didn’t like it. everyone’s entitled to opinions and i did not even see ashley and mk telling that person to shut up or something.

    what i don’t like is how unrelated parties are jumping in and getting angry at ashley and mk, and it’s escalating the whole argument into a massive wank storm. like can we not, as fandom, have this whole thing??? fandom arguments are exhausting. i’m pretty sure the OP of that post doesn’t want a shitstorm over a little mistake. it would be best if the argument remained with the concerned parties (e.g. Ashley, MK, and the OP).

    i’ve seen fandoms fall apart because people fought with people involved with the show, and it would be a shame to see that happen to the LBD fandom.

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